Who am I?

I am a Software Developer specialized in web technologies and computer networks. I have over 9 years of experience in web development using the latest technology while maintaining compatibility with older systems.

I studied Computer Science at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. While there I acted as the chair for the local Association of Computing Machinery and as acting chair developed the chapter’s membership from 15 members to over 50 members. In previous positions I also developed applications using the latest technologies to retrieve data from remote device monitors and secure that data during both transit and while at rest.

In my free time, I work on projects most in home automation.

What do I do?

Southern Company API

A Node.js Library to access utility data from Southern Company power utilities (Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Mississippi Power)

What motivates me?

I strive to build an easier life for both myself and for others. Automation is a key part of this vision as it frees up physical and intellectual time.

Project Example:

This is the monthly power usage from my apartment using the Southern Company API project. Demo Chart